Stay safe on a night out

We don’t want to stop people from having a drink at one of the many bars, pubs or restaurants alongside the city’s canals or rivers. We do however want to make sure that you get home safely afterwards.

Walking home in the dark along a towpath is not the best idea, particularly if you’re on your own. If you’ve been drinking your judgement, balance and reaction to any lumps or bumps in the towpath will be impaired and the chance of ending up in the water is increased.

Please read these top tips from the Royal Life Saving Society UK to make sure you all get home safely:

  • Look out for each other when you’ve had a few drinks and make sure you walk home with friends
  • Plan your journey home before you go out
  • Don’t walk home alongside the water after a night out. Find a better route home
  • Make sure your friends get home safely after a night out. Don’t let them walk by the water